The Best Building Product Prices for Kiwi Builders, Developers  & New Home Builders

Building Materials Done Differently!

Building Products Online supply Builders and Roofers with the best quality building materials at the best prices using technology not warehousing. Our unique Kiwi Innovated solution will streamline your business and increase your profits by working smarter not harder and keeping overheads to a minimum.

How Does BPOL Work?
Watch The Video Below for a Rundown

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Current BPOL Product Range

If you are looking at getting great prices on any of these products simply fill out our enquiry form here and one of our team will be in contact within a day or so. Additionally if there are other lines that you would like us to source in your area, please reach out.

Why Choose BPOL

Best Prices
Tailored Service Offering
Quality Approved Building Supplies
Lowest Overheads
Working Smarter Not Harder.
No Middlemen

Where Do The Savings Come From?

Below is a table that outlines the great savings that we can pass on to you. All the promotional work, carparking, trolleys, staff, stock on hand etc is costing someone. And that someone is you!

Building Products Online Traditional Big Merchant
Cutting Edge Online Ordering System
Rebates (added to cost)
Promotional Costs (Specials)
Freight From Supplier
Delivery Fees Minimal
Double Handling of Product
Store Staff Wages
Staff Picking Errors Minimal (Picked by Supplier)
Expensive Car Park
Timber Yard
Big Corporate Headquarters
TV Advertising, Sponsoring Rugby, V8 Supercars etc.
Maximum Savings

Questions & Answers

With many industries being affected by the online world, like transportation, holiday accommodation, real estate retail homewares, even watching television and movies, there are a lot of questions. Most common questions and answers below.

Great prices are just one element of the business equation, BPOL is also a system which will revolutionise the procurement side of your business, ensuring the correct products are purchased and delivered in the timeframe required. Your BPOL Procurement Manager will work with you stage by stage of the building process to ensure all headaches are eliminated through systems & technology.

Just like you, we are in business too, and we also need to make a comfortable living, again just like you. But we have to cover our costs before we make any profit, and the higher the costs, the higher the price. The same for your product manufacturers/suppliers/importers and merchants.

The  easy answer is that our overheads are way lower than a big corporate merchant, and we do not try to pass overheads to our suppliers. They know this and give us better rates than “the big boys” 

Simply enquire here to see how our service stacks up for you.

One last thing – we do not need as many clients to make that comfortable living either, so if this doesn’t work for you that is okay.

Great Question!

We only supply you with industry approved products from suppliers that are looking for a better way – it is not just you that is getting squeezed by the current system.

Your product will be delivered direct from the local supplier. We do not source cheap substandard products from Alibaba or other unregulated means.

Building Products Online is committed to a better Kiwi Building Industry and more profitable Kiwi Building Companies

Nope there is no Building Products Online Warehouse.

However when you are a client, you will get access to an online portal that gives you access to all of the products available to you.

For some lines we are nationwide, however most of our offering is for Auckland businesses at this stage.

We will be nationwide very soon.

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