The Best Building Product Prices for Kiwi Builders, Developers  & New Home Builders

BPOL Payments

Easy Payment Options

Step 1

Order Your Products

Building Products Online offer a few easy ways to order your products.

  1. DIY retail customers can simply visit our online shop and add the products to cart.
  2. You have an account set up and you login to purchase your products through your portal
  3. You can contact us and order your products by email.

Step 2

Pay For Your Products

All payment is upfront. To enable us to offer you great pricing we have the lowest overheads in the business, and we pay our suppliers before they have to ship your products out. 

Large merchants hold you loyal to them because they offer you a trading account, but have you worked out how much that is costing you? Nothing is for free these days, not even credit on your account.

Step 3

Your Products Are Delivered

You tell us where you need your products delivered.

We pay the supplier(s) and forward your delivery details on to them.

Your products are picked by the experts, the supplier who may be the manufacturer, or the importer so they have less mistakes. If there is a mistake it is on them, not you or BPOL. The BPOL system is all about low risk in all areas.

BPOL Non-Bank Funding Options

We specialise in supplying you with the best building products at the best pricing. So we have partnered with two companies that are the professionals in getting small business the funding you require.

Simply choose between a one off lump sum loan to fully fund your project or equipment purchase or a line of credit where you decide how much to draw down and are only charged for as much as you use. Much like a Traditional Merchant Account.

Project Finance

Keeping the momentum going in your business has never been easier than with a fast, easy small business loan.

  • Borrow between $5,000 and $300,000
  • Terms from 3 to 24 months
  • Cash flow-friendly repayments
  • Total repayment detailed up front
  • No penalty for early repayment

Great for upgrading tools, equipment, plant etc.

Line of Credit

Much like a traditional merchant trading account, you have a set credit limit and you draw down funds as you see fit for your weekly, monthly needs, and make repayments as your cash flow  allows. Giving you the ultimate in freedom and you only pay interest on the amount of credit you are using at any one time.

This is a great way to have the best of both worlds and really utilise the best that Building Products Online has to offer.

*DISCLAIMER: Building Products Online is not a financial institution and is not offering any financial advice. You choose to use the third party lenders at your discretion as a means to fund your business venture. What you wish to spend your funds on is completely up to you. You do not have to use the funds to purchase from Building Products Online. Approval is up to the financial institution applied to and not influenced by Building Products Online PTY Ltd in any way. Building Products Online may get an affiliate commission from the lenders but this does not affect your repayments in any way shape or form and is of the discretion of the lender.

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